Who we are

    Business problems are sometimes too complex to understand on the face of it.Consumer insights are hidden deep in data trenches. They have to be data-cultured, grown, analyzed, visualized and presented.

    iPredictt Data Science Labs is a big data analytics company that provides machine learning software to B2C companies to solve their complex data challenges. We bring groundbreaking new approaches to transforming how data-rich companies can make sense of structured and unstructured data.

    What we deliver

    iPredictt Data Science Labs differentiates itself by offering premium data science solutions that are customized for businesses trying to mine their data for getting better return on technology investment. It does so by offering mix of big data analytics expertise by the techops team and the solution engagement by our seasoned bizops team. The following five are the services we provide to our clients.

  • Consumer Behavior Scoring

  • Churn Analytics

  • Recommendation Engine

  • Market Mix Model

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Industries we serve

    Every industry has its own kind of data and that generates its own kind of insights. iPredictt includes consulting and advisory services, besides core data science - data preparations, identifying analytical tools and reporting. This model brings great advantages to you by letting you concentrate on business issues while we deliver on data science analytics. We, at iPredictt, serve the following industries.

    • Automotive

    • Consumer Goods

    • Electronics

    • Energy

    • Entertainment

    • Financial Services

    • Food & Beverage
    • Government

    • Hospitality

    • Insurance

    • Pharmaceutical

    • Restaurant

    • Retail & eCommerce

    • Telecommunications

    Products we offer

    Products are the lifelines of any company. iPredictt has five products, which provide end-to-end solutions for businesses across industries. These platforms provide a user-friendly interface with detailed deep dive capability, allowing faster decision-making. These flagship products form an embryonic state into fully functional automated solutions directed towards client's business problems and industry.

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We worked with iPredictt’s data team. Can vouch for their understanding of data systems and consultation. They are a great team who bring a unique combination of business sense over data analytics.

Raj Thakur

Mobile Ad network

iPredictt for us brought over a decade of experience into data analytics. They made us see things which were invisible to us.

Pramila Uthana

Ecommerce Company